First Eclipse of The Year; New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Capricorn January 5th, 2019.

That saying of “New Year New Me” will not happen as fast as we want it to, there is going to be a vibe of wanting instant gratification, but this year is all about our long game with the Capricorn energy that will dominate. Like it or not you will have to be realistic about what you want and need, it will be essential to be genuine about where you are heading and how fast that will happen.

Because this New Moon is a partial Solar eclipse it’s energy will be intensified, this is because an eclipse makes the Sun go dark, but only by half since it is a fractional one. New Moons are active on their own, however, adding the strength of eclipse energy magnifies the vibes making your manifestation rituals and what you feel on an energetic level stronger than usual.

It’s time to accept that hard work will get you what you want rather than things landing in your lap, so now is the time to take your plans or brilliant ideas from last year and start to build the structure and stability you really want for the long haul.

Your new path is being set up, and this is a result of the work you were doing in 2018, this is your new duties, so you are able to take your projects to the next level. This is not about short-term plans it is long game energy, i.e., what do you really want for yourself on a permanent level, what is your 5-year plan. You need to learn things in a new way and do it by pacing yourself; you can’t be speedy about this.

If you have not created a foundation start here, because this New Moon will help you grow long-lasting results. You have to start thinking about what you want to manifest for the rest of your life rather than a passing fad. In other words, this desire you wish to gain must be a commitment that you can’t waver from, you need to decide if this is something you want in your life permanently.

This isn’t a time to be flighty, or just be all talk and no action, this part of your life is going to be about making a real commitment, working hard on what you’re supposed to be doing, taking away all of the distractions and being all about transformation to get what you need. As mentioned this is not a rush job sort of energy; you have to take your time and iron out the details of your project. It’s going to be a time you are all about working on your reputation, earning respect, taking care of insecurities, becoming strong in the way you handle romantic relationships, and using intellect to obtain your goals.

Aspects this New Moon Solar Eclipse Will be Making.

The New Moon will make a Stellium with Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, and the Sun. The South Node is also included, so we have karmic shifts going on because all of these planets and a Nodal Axis are in Capricorn. This is hardcore Cappy energy, so things need to be accomplished in a way where you don’t cut corners otherwise you might have to keep doing what you set out to do over and over until it is completed in a way this disciplined Saturn energy wants things done

Moon in Capricorn Conjunct the Sun Close to The South Node- New Moon Creating a Partial Solar Eclipse.

(This is one of the transits that creates an Eclipse. When the Moon is near any of the Nodes, it is how we get a Solar or Lunar Eclipse. The nodal axis is where the Sun, Earth, and Moon line up causing this cosmic event to occur.)

Manifest what you want to grow in your life, this is the best time to set intentions for what you want to attract to yourself. New Moons are about endings and beginnings so think about what you are trying to move forward from and the things you want for your future. Plant the seeds of intent you would like to grow over the next several months.

Now, typically a 6-month timeline would be the norm from a New to Full Moon, but because of the placement of this in the Moon near the Nodes and both being in the same zodiac sign, you need to do the work for the next year and a half.

In other words, see where your manifestation has grown in 6 months then put as much effort and work in it once it is off the ground. This is slower growth, so it’s going to take longer than a year to complete. This is going to be about your long game, so in a bunch of months the foundation for your dream should be set, then you will take the next year to build it because of the Nodal energy being in Capricorn and Cancer.

You will need to find a balance between material gains and nurturing your inner world so you can get to a place where you’re happy on all levels. Plus, this will teach you how to balance the polarities between these two signs. It is essential to work like a Capricorn but take care of yourself in a Cancerian way, both polarities have their good sides so make sure you use these attributes in a harmonious way.

It is nice to want success, but make sure it isn’t at the expense of your comfort. Prioritize and cut out what isn’t real this is about building what you want and setting your intention, so these new things come.

Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Aries- A Tug Of War With Your Patience.

This is great for getting things done with precision and coming up with a fast solution to your problems. However, the Capricorn energy in Mercury is going to slow things down causing a ton of frustration in what you are trying to accomplish. Because this aspect is making a square to Mars in Aries, there will be a tug of war between getting things done in an efficient manner vs. getting it all out the way fast.

The vibe will be about learning how to work with these energies in a balanced way so that things get completed on time without it being a rush job. Also, verbal communication might be challenging because the vibes with this are cold and sarcastic causing arguments and saying the wrong thing.

Moon Sextile Neptune- The Sharpest Psychic Abilities.


Listen to your instincts, this is a time to use your receptivity to connect with others on a deeper level. It’s all about letting go of our ego like a Pisces, so move with the waves in a mutable fashion. Accept the change, enjoy what is to come but don’t get too comfortable in the current because it will keep shifting and you must learn to be adaptable. Go for your dreams because this is a lucky transit

Saturn Sextile Neptune- Rewards For Your Spiritual Contribution.

This aspect brings in spiritual growth and understanding in a balanced way because you are in tune with your practical side and your intuitive vibes. Money can be earned, or there is a ton of success for those with spiritual businesses or people who are pursuing a spiritual path. You have a ton of enthusiasm, but in a balanced way, so you can go for your dreams in a structured manner.

Moon SemiSquare Venus- Be Artsy!

Let your hair down because all of this Saturn energy is pretty hard nose stuff and you need to have some fun! Try losing yourself in music or go out and enjoy good food. Allow your creative side to come out and find new ways to make your dreams a reality.

Moon Conjunct Pluto- Disappointment From The Past.

This will make you reflect on issues that were already resolved, yet you have feelings of disappointment. You will be thinking of things you tried to bury deep within you, and realize that you still have some changes to make with regards to your own emotions and people, a little bit of therapy of any kind can help you move forward from this hurt. Also, this transit brings out jealous and petty feelings to the surface, so try to calm down before speaking to the person who is causing you to dwell on the past.

Moon Conjunct Saturn- Feeling Ignored.

Huge decisions need to be made. There is a disconnected vibe from others where it feels like people are ignoring you or are just being short, wait for a bit because things go back to normal with your communication. Correspondingly, feelings of guilt and embarrassment will consume you.

Pluto Opposition Moon’s North Node- Opportunity comes your way from all your efforts.

You are going to see opportunities that you have worked hard for finally come back to you from people with clout. Watch out for compulsive behavior that could hinder you and power struggles with people or things that no longer serve you

Hard Work Always gets Rewarded.


Overall this New Moon will be about getting ready for the things you want you just have to work hard for it. This is all about being out with the old and in with the new experiences.

Look at your transit chart and see where these aspects are placed in your astrological houses to see how this Solar Eclipse will affect you on a personal level rather than collective. Set your intentions and make sure you are ready to commit to these things you want, this Capricorn energy will reward you for good behavior so work your magic.



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